Foxfly is…
Like BBM for iPhone.
Like group text messaging but without the text messaging fees.
Like FaceTime for group text messaging.

Foxfly is perfect for organizing events, sharing private stuff, and keeping in touch with your different circles of friends. Messages and photos are sent and received instantly via push notifications saving you tons of $$$$ on text messaging fees.

What’s special about Foxfly?

REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING – Each group is represented by a beautiful collage of its members’ profile photos. When you receive new messages your dashboard lights up with the sender’s photo and a preview of his/her message.

TAME YOUR PHONEBOOK – Organizing your massive phonebook is a massive pain. Foxfly helps you organize your phonebook socially. Join a group created by a friend and related contacts will be organized into a group on your phonebook.

MEET NEW FRIENDS – Foxfly automatically adds you to “recommended groups” that we think you would be most interested. All recommended groups have at least 2 other friends, making it easy to get introduced.

Learn more about Foxfly @ http://www.foxfly.com


One Comment on “About”

  1. Ellie Silson says:

    Hi Foxfly

    I want to personally thank you for writing a great blog/review about Palringo. We really appreciate your time and effort to learn about us.

    I want to update you on a couple of milestones that we’ve reached this summer.

    • We now have over 11 million users!
    • We have over 300,000 social groups
    • Year-over-year growth in the number of messages sent via Palringo is more than 230 percent
    • Voice and picture messages both are growing at a rate of more than 400 percent

    Our gaming groups are growing rapidly and are the most popular groups on Palringo. Gamers are organizing themselves into clans to enhance their gaming experience.

    We would like to keep in touch to see how we can continue to contribute to your blog in the near future.

    Ellie Silson
    Palringo Marketing

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