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A Closer Look at Beijing Startup Foxfly


Foxflypro Logo2 A Closer Look at Beijing Startup FoxflyTired of status updates aimlessly scattered through cyberspace en masse, Foxfly’s Beijing-based team of 12 wants to provide a slightly more targeted messaging solution. Their Foxfly is a group messaging platform whose core functionality takes it beyond just group messaging, and now, they’ve introduced a professional version as well.

Picture 33 A Closer Look at Beijing Startup FoxflyPut simply, Foxfly is a group messaging mobile app – imagine Blackberry Messenger with Google+ groups. With the ability to target only who you want, users can send and share stuff intended for a smaller, more custom audience. They are planning on introducing a new, slightly different app called Foxfly Professional (now in private beta), which is designed to adapt their original service to a more professional environment to serve as a local Linkedin.

Picture 42 A Closer Look at Beijing Startup Foxfly

A sample Foxcard

Foxfly Professional uses Foxfly’s messaging platform to expand beyond just messaging.  In the professional version you can also organize events and exchange virtual business cards, called Foxcards, through the app. Further, it uses LBS (similar to Parallel Cities) to allow users to network with those they are really looking to connect with. For example, if you are at a networking event or business district, pull up Foxfly Pro to borrow the ear of someone in the crowd for an SMS one-on-one.

Foxfly Pro will be available for both Android and the iPhone, similar to its cousin Foxfly Messenger, which is currently averaging 300-500 daily downloads for a total of 11,441 total downloads thus far. From a global perspective, Foxfly is a true international startup: despite their Beijing origins, 62% of their users are English speaking, with the heaviest download activity in the US, UK, and Indonesia.

Foxfly also allows for custom identity management, allowing a user to customize the information shared about themselves to their associated groups. I could see a lot of potential uses for this piece of functionality, and have wished for it myself in the past. It’d be great if Foxfly could bring this filtering to individual fields shared between groups. For example, perhaps I’d like everyone to see my interests, but I’d only want my fellow techies to know about my Star Trek and World of Warcraft passions. Not me personally, of course, but I’m just saying – could be useful.

Foxfly messenger is available on iTunes or Marketplace. Stay tuned for the release of Foxfly Pro, or visit their website here and apply for the private beta.

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