Group messaging being adopted by enterprises


“Palringo’s platform, particularly the ability to create groups around specific customers, locations and business units, provides us with a highly effective way to approach customers with real business solutions. Our sales team has reacted with enthusiasm.”

Saw this article on how 3M has adopted Palringo group messaging platform for enterprise use. This is an exciting development and proof that group messaging is not a one-trick pony and is here to stay.

The appearance of groups in our lives is inumerous, indicating that we are only cracking the tip of the iceberg. Each type of group is going to require specialized features that will make it easy to start the group and share the desired information.

Some examples of groups include:

  • Work and study groups – Share documents, charts, spreadsheets
  • Sports teams/leagues – Share schedules, standings, rosters
  • Poker friends – Share winnings/losses, play poker online
  • Party friends – Share photos/albums, location

Can you think of other groups and the specific needs they have? Would love to hear from you.


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