Foxfly v1.5 now with Free text messaging capability!

If you haven’t yet heard, we recently launched an update on the AppStore that allows users to send free text messages to their friends.

Start a space and select up to 15 friends from your phonebook and send a message. The message will be sent through the Foxfly platform via text message direct to their phones at no cost to you at all.

Perfect for organizing parties and keeping in touch when on the go!

Download the latest version of Foxfly now and start messaging!


Lovin’ @Cloudflare – getting 25% speed improvement on our site!

As you know due to the events in Libya, we had some problems with our LY domain name. As a result we were forced to search for a new nameserver. We considered a number of options, DNSPod, CloudFlare, DynDNS, FreeDNS, and many others.

Eventually we settled on CloudFlare’s CDN service and have since seen 25-40% speed improvement based on ping and tracert tests. Highly recommend anyone else who is considering a switch to consider CloudFlare, has definitely made a difference for us!



Integrating free text messaging with @Twilio – service will be available in late April

As the launch of our Beta approaches we are making final preparations to add text messaging functionality. This would allow you to send free text messages to your friends via your iPhone or Android phone.

We found Twilio to be the easiest and quickest option to integrate text messaging with our application and have been thrilled by the service since. After updating our profile on Twilio and registering for their service I began receving personal emails from one of their customer service representatives:

Hi Robert,

I saw that you updated your public Twilio developer profile recently, so I wanted to drop you a note to see how things are going with FoxFly and ask if there is anything we can do to help?

At first I thought these were automated so I didn’t pay too much attention, but as we began testing and interacting more with Twilio’s API, we continued receiving messages, which was a really pleasant surprise. Eventually I replied and had a smart discussion and got some good feedback for Foxfly. If you are considering integrating text messaging functionality into your app I strongly recommend Twilio!


LY domain problems that led to service interruptions this weekend – Resolved!

We delivered a service announcement today to all Foxfly users via email with the following message that we are reposting here:

Dear Foxfly users,

Thank you for continued support during our Alpha test period. Due to the events in Libya one of our domain names ( was affected this weekend causing the New Space and Sign up functions to stop working. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and have resolved the issue.

If you haven’t already, you can download our latest update available now on the AppStore. There are lots of exciting updates, including:

– Login with Facebook
– Auto-discover phonebook contacts who are already on Foxfly
– Auto-groups with co-workers and classmates
– New gorgeous collage design

May brings a lot of exciting updates, as we are preparing to launch our Beta version along with a Android app and improved website design with messaging functionality. Text messaging integration, allowing you to send free text messages to friends without Foxfly through our apps is also coming in May.

So make sure to stayed tuned!

Thank you again for your support.

– Foxfly Team

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Test Foxfly before it hits the AppStore on @testflightapp

Get a sneak peak on Foxfly Messenger v1.4!

TestFlight offers an easy way to install our pre-AppStore app so that you can get a sneak peak before everyone else does. If at any point you have any questions or suggestions feel free to submit them directly to Cindy our customer support rep that you will find when you open the app! Thanks again for you support.

Features to watch out for –

– Redesigned collage
– Facebook Login
– Auto-friend search of your phonebook and Facebook friends
– Auto-groups for classmates and colleagues


Color & the Elastic network @ the Cross-section of Group Messaging and Photo-sharing


Although Color is technically in the photo-sharing space, the concept of the Elastic Network is an important one that is deeply connected to the success and concept behind group-messaging. The obvious points here are that static ‘friend’ lists like that on Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are poor indicators of the strength of our relationships. Our real-world social graph is a living network that is represented by individuals, groups and connections that merge, divide, regroup, strengthen and weaken over time. Group messaging has caught on to this, providing users with a simple platform to separate the key groups in their lives, but is still not as flexible as Color’s Elastic Network.

Relationships are defined by shared experiences

I once had a discussion with a good friend about long distance relationships who said, “relationships are defined by shared experiences.” When reading about Color this really struck a chord. All too often I find myself remembering people based not on who they are, but rather where I met them and who I met them through, e.g. “Dan’s friend from the office party.” Color captures these shared experiences through photos and orders your friends in terms of how many shared experiences you have them with. Despite all their problems with their user experience this concept and the mechanics behind it are truly revolutionary in how we define our social graph.

Shared experiences are the basis for all our social communication

The term “shared experiences” is a broad term, but the most powerful type of shared experience is one where both people are in the same place at the same time and interacting in one way or another. When we first meet someone that person becomes connected to that experience and place. As we interact more and more with that person, that person becomes connected to other friends in our network and other experiences. Eventually those shared connections and experiences add up to a strong relationship, someone you would actually call a friend.

The genius behind Color is that it captures all of this automatically and uses it to order your “friends” the way they should naturally be ordered. However where Color falls down is the fact that I already have an implicit ordering of friends in my head and Color wants me to rebuild it from scratch. Group messaging on the other hand has started from the other end of the spectrum – provide the platform and let users apply their implicit friend order in the groups they create. I am sure that it will not be long before the two collide.