#Foxfly update on #AppStore Fixes crash bug! Get it now! http://Foxfly.com

This update fixes a critical bug that was causing Foxfly to crash on loading for users who sync their phonebooks with Outlook or Google.

Big thank you to Brandon, Sarvesh and Franklin for reporting this to us and working with us to identify ad solve the problem.

We have been listening to your feedback and are working round the clock to make Foxfly better, faster and stronger. There will be an update out next week sometime that will have more significant optimization updates.

We are always open to your feedback and suggestions. So please feel free to contact us through our customer support on Foxfly or on Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime, download the update, create a group for you and your friends an start flying!


Tested internal, optimized version today and it’s wicked fast – 30-50% faster load times – should be out on #appstore sometime next week

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Foxfly.com – Share only with people you trust

There are times when you want to share things with your close friends only, not with your whole social graph. When you feel that way, Facebook is an option that must necessarily be ruled out unless you are willing to go through the numbing process of creating lists, and applying lots of filters. 

That works in the end, but I frankly think most of you would prefer using a service like Foxfly instead. 

This is a new iPhone application that will let you message specific groups only. You can have as many of these as you want – one for your siblings, other for your old school pals, another for these girls that you like to hang out with… The app is pretty limitless in that sense. 

And if you couple this with how easy those in your groups can be messaged, then it will dawn on you why many would go for Foxfly over Facebook or Twitter when it comes to having their information shared. After all, who would ignore the chance to share sensitive data in a place free from noisy relatives, bosses, coworkers and even stalkers?

Why Foxfly.Com Might Be A Killer

If you are concerned about the safety and privacy of what you are sharing online, then this will spell the end of all your worries.

Some Questions About Foxfly.Com

What about other mobiles? Will they ever be supported?



Visit website http://www.foxfly.com
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Add me and send feedback on Foxfly! Every bit of feedback counts! http://foxf.ly/robert

Damn Microsoft always causing problems: Problem for Foxfly users who sync iPhones with Outlook fixed! Watch for the update

Some Foxfly users were finding that the app was crashing on launch, and deeper investigation found that the root of the problem was addressbook entries synced from Outlook – damn Microsoft! On launch Foxfly pre-reads your phonebook into memory so that when you want to look up a friend to invite to a group it will load quickly and you can scroll through your contacts smoothly. (Don’t worry we don’t download any of your private information!)

It gets a little geeky from here, so scroll down to the funny comic for a laugh if you want to skip this part. Basically, for users who sync their iPhone phonebooks with Microsoft Outlook, some contacts were synced without labels for the data in the contact. For example if you had a contact profile that looked like this:

First Name: John
Last Name: Smith
Phone(Home): 123-456-7890

The contact synced from Outlook to your iPhone would look like this:

Last Name: Smith
Phone(Home): 123-456-7890

Note the missing “First Name” label. This is technically not supposed to happen but was causing havoc when we tried to read it into memory, causing the app to crash on loading! Thankfully with your help we managed to fix it quickly and uploaded the new version to Apple today.

Keep the bugs coming and thanks for your support and patience!

We’re online (finally)! Download Foxfly now for free on the App Store http://bit.ly/gDemDo Check out screenshots on Posterous

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