BUMP to Add Friends to Groups and New Create Group UI Flow

Firstly, sorry about the last few garbage posts. Just getting Posterous setup to autopost to our various blogs! 🙂

OK. So lets get caught up on what’s been happening at Foxfly over the past 4 weeks. We launched our ‘Alpha’ version on the App Store and have been distributing promo codes to friends and family to test as we work out the bugs. There’s been a mix of feedback which has been valuable to us as we continue to refine the product.

The key area we’ve been working on is making the process to add friends to groups as easy and simple as possible. A couple key changes we did:

  • We’ve eliminated the need to enter a group name, so that you can jump right to adding friends.
  • Users can now easily enter a friend’s name, phone, or email, and we will automatically search your Fox Friends and Phonebook for you
  • Users can also now use BUMP to add friends to their groups

Adding BUMP was a lot of fun for us as it was really easy using BUMP’s API. This will make it really convenient for friends who are going for a night out to stay in touch but simply bumping to get connected before they head out!

In addition to these changes, we’ve also now added to ability to share photos in your groups – duh! There are also a bunch of other technical things we’ve been doing like optimize the display and loading of your phonebook contacts and allow the app to cache your old messages so you can read them even when offline.

This will be our ‘Beta’ version and will see the App going on the App Store for free. (Better late than never!) We are really excited to hear your feedback and look forward to continue working with you to make this a better product!

We’ve also done a refresh of our UI – here are some sexy new screenshots!


Testing Posterous Autopost!


Everyone singing ‘Hey Soul Sister’ in the office in Chinese accents – Sat night 230AM 😀